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Willkommen auf meinem Blog. Ich schreibe über Zeug. Informatik, Technologie, Musik und Mathe. Mal auf Deutsch, mal auf Englisch.


  • Deprecations in Java and Kotlin

    In the Java ecosystem, there is an annotation for marking code pieces as deprecated, so you do not use them in any new code. Modern IDEs can also use this to indicate that at a call location, a deprecated method is used, thus the programmer should maybe replace that call. (I will stick to methods and functions in this article, however, you can deprecate also other elements like classes, properties, …).

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  • JSON Schema Validation in Ruby

    You expect input from the outside world in JSON format and want to make sure it has all the properties you expect? Great, say hello to JSON Schema. In this post I’ll go over defining a schema and using it to validate JSON input in a Ruby program using the json_schemer gem.

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