About one month before 1.0 I thought maybe I should clean up my tools for Rust.

My installation of Rust is done via multirust, a system that allows you to have multiple instances of Rust installed on the same machine and makes switching between them as easy as

I (still) use Sublime Text 3 under Linux for nearly everything. For Sublime there is the defacto standard package manager Package Control in whose repository there are some interesting packages:

The Rust package is the really basic package you need, as it ships the rust syntax definition. It comes with some handy snippets that have reasonable tab indeces, see Strg + Shift + p + 'Snippet' for a list.

The package also brings a build system that can build via Rust or Cargo, but on my system it could not load the librustc_driver shared library. The solution is either to set $LD_LIBRARY_PATH not only in ~/.profile or to use this plugin.

TOML is a good addition for nicer highlightning of the Carto.toml files, you probably have.

RustAutoComplete brings bindings to the tool Racer. As racer currently doesn’t work with the Beta release of Rust (which is the recommended one), you should consider using Multirust to have Beta for projects and Nightly for racer. When RustAutoComplete is installed, a message pops up that shows you how to set it up correctly. Multirust doesn’t install the Rust source code, you have to get it by hand (i.e. git clone it by hand).